Ashley Attends SHOOK Top Next-Gen Summit, 10/02/17

Each year, the Forbes Under 30 Summit brings together the top game-changers and entrepreneurs of the generation to downtown Boston. Six content tracks—including Discover, Create, and Tech—allow attendees to tailor their Summit experience to their business interests. Keynote speakers this year included Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn and Ray Dalio, manager of the world’s largest hedge fund.

The SHOOK Top Next-Gen Summit, a branch of the Forbes Under 30 Summit, invites the top 500 Next-Gen wealth advisors* (those born after 1980) to share their expertise in building their businesses and keeping them on top. Vantage Point Financial partner Ashley Ott attended the Monday session of the SHOOK Top Next-Gen Summit. Panelist discussions spanned topics ranging from philanthropy to best practices to building a team that addresses the needs of a multi-generational clientele.

Ashley reflected on the insights she gained at the Summit: “The number one thing that every top Next-Gen advisor emphasized was the importance of focusing on the client experience. Any advisor can place trades and watch the market, but not every advisor provides a tailored financial plan for every client. That is how you differentiate yourself from the pack.”

As an advisor at Vantage Point Financial, Ashley is proud to provide clients with a comprehensive process for managing their financial life that is customized to their needs.





The 2017 ranking of Forbes' Top 500 Next-Gen Wealth (Millennial) Advisors (1) recognizes advisors born in 1980 or later with a minimum of four years of experience. The advisor was rated based on a proprietary algorithm of qualitative and quantitative criteria: assets under management, revenues generated for their firms, client retention, industry experience, credentials, and compliance records. Shook Research also employs an opinion-based weighting system that prioritizes its preferred "best practices," which include business models, activities, processes, and structure. 2,356 advisers were considered and 500 (21 percent of advisors) were recognized. For the full methodology (2) that Forbes developed in partnership with SHOOK Research, please visit here:

(1) This recognition and the due-diligence process conducted are not indicative of the advisor's future performance. Your experience may vary. You are encouraged to conduct your own research to determine if the advisor is right for you.

(2) Portfolio performance is not a criterion due to varying client objectives and lack of audited data. SHOOK does not receive a fee in exchange for rankings