Economic Outlook with Brad McMillan, 09/21/17

Economic Outlook


On September 21, the Vantage Point Financial team hosted An Economic Outlook with Brad McMillan. As CIO of Commonwealth Financial Network®, Brad has extensively researched the economy and how it affects investors. He spoke to Vantage Point Financial clients regarding the state of the economy and whether they should be worried based on economic trends. Clients learned that positive trends in areas such as job growth and consumer confidence show that a possible recession might not be as soon as many expected. Brad facilitated a lively question-and-answer session following his presentation, answering questions that ranged from the effects of the current political turmoil to artificial intelligence and what he thinks it can mean for our economy.

An Economic Outlook is the third event that Vantage Point Financial has hosted this year as part of our initiative to make relevant financial information accessible to clients. For more information on our upcoming events, check out our Announcements page on our website or e-mail our marketing and client administrator Olivia at