Dr. Griswold Presents to BU Students About Saving for Retirement

Dr. David Griswold, president and founder of Vantage Point Financial, was invited to guest lecture in a Boston University class on the topic of saving for retirement. The class, entitled Adulting, is an elective for senior undergraduate students. Throughout the semester, the students learn important skills for the “adult world,” such as cooking, managing relationships, and negotiating for a job offer.

Professor Griswold discussed the importance of saving for retirement as soon as possible. A five-year difference in when you start saving can lead to a significant amount of difference in your total savings when you retire. He discussed the differences between an IRA, a 401(k), and a Roth IRA, and the benefits of each. Professor Griswold also highlighted the different possible asset allocations of a portfolio and the risk associated with each. The students asked insightful questions throughout the presentation, including some questions regarding the impact of student loans and income taxes on retirement accounts. After the 2-hour lecture, the students left with a greater understanding of the importance of saving for retirement, both in the short-term and the long-run.

When he is not advising clients at Vantage Point Financial, David Griswold is a professor of finance and economics in both the undergraduate and MBA programs at the Boston University Questrom School of Management. His courses at Boston University include investments, economics, financial management, and risk management.

Adulting Class 2018